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Pawnee County

County Club Day

County Club Day has been set for Saturday February 16, 2019! Sign up sheets will be available at the November 4-H Council meeting, which is Monday November 19th at 7:30 pm.

Documents to help you prepare:

Pawnee County Tips & Information

Presentation Overview

Project Talk


Illustrated Talk

Public Speaking

Visual Aids

Planning Form - for Demonstration or Illustrated Talk

General Information:

Door Monitor Duties

Regional 4-H Day

Regional 4-H Day will be held March 9 2018, at the Great Bend High School in Barton County. If you receive a Top Blue award at the Pawnee County 4-H Club Day, you are eligible to compete at the Regional event. If you are unable to participate at Regionals, please let us know by March 1 so we can contact the alternate top blue recipients.


**Regional 4-H Day for 2019 has not been set yet, please check back in January for more details