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Pawnee County

Pawnee County 
715 Broadway, Room 6
Larned, KS 67550


Kyle Grant, Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent

email address: kkgrant@ksu.edu

Cathleen Cowell, Family and Community Wellness Agent

email address:  cathleencowell@ksu.edu

Email us at:

County Club Day

County Club Day has been set for Sunday, February 17, 2024! 

Documents to help you prepare:

Pawnee County Tips & Information

Effective Presentation Tips

Presentation Overview

Presentation Brainstorming

Project Talk


Illustrated Talk

Public Speaking

Visual Aids

Planning Form - for Demonstration or Illustrated Talk

General Information:

Door Monitor Duties

Regional 4-H Day

Regional 4-H Day will (tentatively) be held in Spring 2024. If you receive a Top Blue award at the Pawnee County 4-H Club Day, you are eligible to compete at the Regional event.